About Establish my Business

Short & to the point:

My personal resource site for my business ideas.

I detail how I plan (with thorough examples) to use advantageous business incentives and tax credits.

I will also provide information on interesting ways to move forward in business.

I am located in San Jose and will be providing local business information and incentives.

And more …

A little bit about me:

  • I was formerly employed by the City of San Jose – Office of Economic Development
    -Concentration on Loans and Financing
  • I am currently employed as an Internet Marketing Account Manager
  • I have provided Technical Assistance to multiple businesses locally
  • I graduated from UC Irvine and co-founded Entrepreneur Society @ UC Irvine
  • Placed Second at UC Irvine’s Business Plan Competition 2008
  • Experience with Web Site Usability Testing
  • Currently producing small websites and will be moving into large scale websites (non-corporate)
  • My future will be pursuing business ideas and front/back-end web development
The City of San Jose and/or any organization does not endorse this website.  I am not an accountant and/or lawyer.